Question by  rob80 (25)

What are heavy duty rheostats?

And what applications would you use them in?


Answer by  Mslater (197)

A rheavy duty rheostat is a device that can control the amount of electricity coming to it. They are used for light fixtures.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

A rheostat like a volume knob or a light dimmer switch; they vary the amount of resistance in a circuit. Heavy duty rheostats could control motors or large light systems.


Answer by  NobodysHome (385)

These are essentially a wiring compenent, covered in silicon and used for complex industrial operations that require a great deal of throughput.


Answer by  hecarlso (196)

They are turn knob dimmer switches. Heavy duty switches can operate a higher wattage load then a regular switch. They allow you to dim your lights there by using less electricity.

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