Question by  Bsjinx (97)

What are good fish for tankmates for a catfish in a freshwater aquarium?


Answer by  moteviolence (30)

I have had cherry barbs (not tiger barbs!), neon tetras, bleeding heart tetras, hatchetfish, several types of danios and rainbow sharks all as tankmates with my catfish in a freshwater aquarium.


Answer by  slyamy (26)

Goldfish are known for being messy due to food they don't eat sits on the bottom of the tank.Catfish are bottom feeders that eat the uneaten food.


Answer by  Crece (25)

If you are referring to catfish of the Cory variety then almost any community fish will be compatible. Some examples are Angelfish, Zebras, Rummy-nosed tetras, Guppies, Pleclostomous, Head and taillights, Gouramis, Hatchetfish, and Loaches.

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