Question by  floman (53)

What are considered a cook's essentials?

I want to outfit my daughter's kitchen but I do not cook myself.


Answer by  Dot738 (15)

The first thing would be a good beginners cookbook.Get the best quality cookware that doesn't cost a lot and that will last a long time. Stainless steel or cast iron would be good.Some of the essentials would be a set of mixing bowls, measuring spoons, paring knife, spatula and measuring cup.


Answer by  lou (792)

A cook's kitchen should be outfitted with several quality products. A good culinary knife set is a must. A set of good quality pots and pans that conduct heat evenly is another essential. Some other tools include; cutting board, spatulas for turning food while cooking, metal and rubber spatulas for food preparation, thermometer and serving spoons.


Answer by  jb68 (207)

Start with a stock pot, saucepan, and skillet that will fit the burners of her stove. For cooking utensils, buy plastic, bamboo, or silicon that are safe for nonstick pots. You will also want to pick up a few rubber scrapers/spatulas in different sizes. Lastly, get dry measuring cups and spoons and one liquid measuring cup.


Answer by  KathyB (276)

Absolute basics are large & medium skillets, large & medium saucepans with lid, couple of good knives for cutting/chopping, baking sheets, baking/roasting pan, insta-read thermometer, pot holders, large stirring spoons and spatulas, a mixing bowl or two, can opener, a classic cookbook, food storage containers, electric hand mixer.

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