Question by  deb74 (164)

What are blue yellow red white and black flute used for in Pokemon emerald?


Answer by  blueusagi123 (7)

The blue flute awakens the targeted Pokemon from sleep. The yellow flute snaps the targeted Pokemon out of confusion. The red flute recovers the targeted Pokemon from infatuation or attraction to the enemy Pokemon. The white flute allows for more encounters with wild Pokemon to occur, while the black flute allows for less encounters with wild Pokemon.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

The blue heals sleep, the yellow heals confusion, the red takes care of attraction, the white makes encounters with Pokémon common and easy and the black makes encounters less common.


Answer by  RM49 (274)

The blue flute is used to recover your Pokemon from sleep, the yellow flute recovers them from confusion, the red flute recovers from attraction, the white flute allows you to encounter more wild Pokemon and the black flute is used to encounter less wild Pokemon.


Answer by  sword (37)

The red, blue and yellow flutes recover from attraction, sleep and confusion accordingly . White flutes make you encounter more wild Pokemons and black make you encounter less wild Pokemons.


Answer by  Rob45 (99)

A flute is an item you can purchase. All blue, yellow, red, white, and black flutes either repel or attract Pokemon.


Answer by  aikawa (91)

Blue flute is used to wake a sleeping pokemon up. Yellow flute is used to cure confusion. Red flute is to repel attraction. Black flute repels weak pokemon.

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