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Question by  squiffy (130)

What age group is the Blurt game designed for?


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

Blurt was designed for children aged 10 and up. It relies on elementary level definitions in order to move pawns around the gameboard. It is a very educational game for children between 10-12. The definitions are too complicated for a younger demographic and too simple for a much older demographic.


Answer by  jessemcduffeeyahoocom (195)

This game is recommended for older children due to smaller pieces and the brain power it takes to understand the game fully. Mattel recommends players ages 10 and up to play the game. If a younger child does want to experience the game try to make sure there is adult supervision present at all times.


Answer by  binaryrevolt (12)

The board game Blurt, manufactured by Mattel, is suggested for ages 10 and up. In each turn the player will read a definition of a word from a dictionary. The words used in the game are taken from children's dictionaries so the difficulty level should be appropriate for these ages.


Answer by  Nomeneiste (10)

Have a child who needs to build up their vocabulary? If you do there is a fun board game for children ten and up that does just that called 'Blurt'.

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