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Question by  acm (21)

What age child would like Care Bear coloring pages?

I need something to entertain my grandchildren.


Answer by  phil94 (202)

I wouldn't buy it for anyone older than 10. Care bears are cute but once they hit a certain age they are going to want to color more mature things, or possibly draw their own things.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

At two years, a child should be able to recognize the characters, at five they should get colors in the right area, and around 8 should stay in the lines.


Answer by  liosj (49)

I think that it would be great for a 3-6 year old. My daughter is 3 and she adores Care Bears and coloring books can keep her busy for quite a while. My niece is 6 and she also loves Care Bears and coloring books. When she comes over we always have the coloring books and crayons ready.


Answer by  Rachel411 (468)

I think that the Care Bear theme would be most attractive to girls under age 6, but kids enjoy coloring in general for quite a while and could probably overlook the theme of the page even if it is a little young for them.

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