Question by  Als (29)

What age child can play with a ball pit toy?


Answer by  dda (164)

Most ball pit toys recommend that children between the age of 3 and 6 use the toys, but children under 15 months can play with some.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

You can always check the age level on teh package of the toy to see the recommended age. A ball pit toy would be pretty safe for a child as young as one as long as they are able to walk well on there own and with close adult supervision


Answer by  lillylove (13)

A ball pit toy can be played with as soon as the child can idependantly sit up, crawl and walk. Most the time it is ages 1-up.


Answer by  KimberlyB (61)

A child should be about three years old be for they are allowed to play with a ball pit toy. Only if they are confident enough to play with it.

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