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What do you do with the wedding ring when you are divorced?

posted by  Tina34(7)

What can I do about carpet fuzz?

posted by  madh(11)

Why is the oil temperature light flashing in my car?

posted by  fred91(42)

What do you do when you stop believing?

posted by  keeny(22)

What can be done about chronic illness in children?

posted by  rangerrick1960(16)

What can I do with fake gold rings?

posted by  jgofy(1)

What should I feet my pet Mourning Dove?

posted by  Anna27(62)

What can be done to remedy low while blood cell counts?

posted by  andrewgeg1(26)

What do you do if an enema does not relieve constipation?

posted by  Jrm(34)

How do you deal with bad neighbors?

posted by  gagan(19)

What do you do about separation anxiety in two-year olds?

posted by  umesh87(9)

What can you do to replace lost diplomas?

posted by  BibleLuv(8)

I cannot urinate. Will I be catheterized?

posted by  ashley89(-1)

How can I fix metatarsal pain?

posted by  johncooper(1)

What can I do about pain in my armpit?

posted by  Ricardo(25)

My chin is swollen after a tooth extraction. Why is that?

posted by  mecaela(1)

There was no link in the e-mail to register. What do I do?

posted by  robottom(1)

What can I do with a bunch of small solar panels?

posted by  ljryeaiii(1)

What does your church usually put on their bulletin fillers?

posted by  sw1120(13)

Should I tell my guy friend I like him?

posted by  ellerbellerz(141)

What can I do to help abandoned bunnies?

posted by  Calendula(18)

What do I do if my dog isolates himself?

posted by  acornwell82(32)

I like a guy my manager. What should I do?

posted by  kimbee(1)

What can you do to help your best friend get over a girl?

posted by  markthedog(7)

What do you do when you're in love?

posted by  Lili(37)

What do I do about my hair getting ripped out?

posted by  worker60(26)

What do you if you're hurting from being in love?

posted by  heather84(17)

For any type of health problem, whom should be contacted?

posted by  amiesuri(1)

I can't urinate. What can I do to pee more?

posted by  opral(1)

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