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What can you tell me about Irish birth certificates?

posted by  shugaree(28)

What is the government doing in our world today?

posted by  galia(7)

What does "FICA-HI" stand for?

posted by  Angelo(9)

What is the fourth amendment in your own words?

posted by  tessla(1)

When is 1120S Schedule L required?

posted by  emmasma(14)

What are my rights in probate court?

posted by  selvamuthu(28)

What are the benefits of a Affirmative Action?

posted by  nelsonmichaelr(203)

What are disadvantages of dictatorship?

posted by  GoodWabbits(1)

/What places in history had a dictatorship?

posted by  lexiy(1)

Who are the eight presidents who were born in Virginia?

posted by  sinu(23)

Who are the presidents who have been impeached?

posted by  rockstargem(26)

What is a presidential government?

posted by  delemeg(1)

What is imperialism?

posted by  uncikunaolcom(34)

To whom do you report welfare fraud?

posted by  Prigger(19)

What was the government like in New Jersey in 1676?

posted by  leah(24)

Who was the President who lived the longest?

posted by  vironian1938(18)

What was Australia's reaction to communism?

posted by  myghost31(1)

What congress has taken the most vacations in history?

posted by  emily(32)

What is the point of voluntary departure?

posted by  hbmarsh(99)

Why is the eighth amendment important?

posted by  clint(12)

What is totalitarianism government?

posted by  anthony(45)

Is rome currantly an oligarchy goverenment?

posted by  tpendlet(1)

How do you get a felony record expunged?

posted by  Lilane(39)

what is the Civil Rights act of 1964?

posted by  Anonymous

How many United States Senators are there?

posted by  Mradcliff(118)

How did they create the federal system of government?

posted by  Michiel(83)

Who was in power at the time of the constitution?

posted by  csakhai(2)

What is the total number of Senators in the United States?

posted by  Annie(24)

How can I check to see whose name is register on a gun?

posted by  tonk(1)

What is the proper manner to address a sultan?

posted by  kala(21)

What was the government in ancient Troy?

posted by  cichoszn(37)

What is Section 8 housing?

posted by  anita50(29)

Women were granted the right to vote by what amendment?

posted by  Ahni(20)

How much did the president make in 2007?

posted by  dj50(12)

Where can I find information about household income by race?

posted by  tashi(1)

What's the type of government of Laos?

posted by  mohammedfazlulhak(17)

What is the significance and value of privacy?

posted by  secondbanana(289)

Can a US President become a Vice President?

posted by  apple(447)

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