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Why does the U.S. Constitution have the 18th Amendment?

posted by  raja32(22)

How can I obtain my child support records?

posted by  s(8)

What is the role Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)?

posted by  makatak(2)

What is the role of NGOs during disasters supposed to be?

posted by  Anonymous

What should I do if I got a fixed penalty notice?

posted by  dluna1(33)

Does Britain have a Constitution?

posted by  worker30(43)

Why is community service important?

posted by  Sven(19)

Is our congress deliberative and representative?

posted by  azteacher(19)

Who where the members of the continental congress?

posted by  wl60423(23)

How do you send a letter to your state senator?

posted by  ryan7333(13)

Should wireless internet be funded by the government?

posted by  Ella(18)

How many signatures do I need for a petition to be effective?

posted by  Ahni(20)

What is the fourth amendment?

posted by  cmolmen(35)

What is the history of the secret service?

posted by  aditihans(9)

What was important about the election of 1860?

posted by  autorepairguy(26)

What is the cost to hold one person in prison for a year?

posted by  thowheed(24)

What are the RNC Lobbyist parties?

posted by  thorne(29)

In what state were most Presidents born?

posted by  nurseBetty(76)

What are examples of mandated benefits?

posted by  lilyphilic(21)

What is the address of the IRS?

posted by  Abbie(282)

How many US presidents have there been?

posted by  danceur(210)

What is the difference between a democracy and a republic?

posted by  Anonymous

Which amendment has been repealed?

posted by  Angelface(18)

What is the Bill of Rights?

What form of government does Canada have?

posted by  totie(21)

Who was our 31st president?

posted by  Jen99(416)

Is the electoral register public information?

posted by  reno911(17)

Who or what maintains a list of Section 8 houses?

posted by  Flaka427(107)

How do you go about qualifying for food stamps?

posted by  beckonthemoon88(59)

Can you provide me information on VA disability rating time?

posted by  deepak(29)

What do you need to start a radio station?

posted by  naveensolanki(31)

Was James Madison the father of the constitution?

posted by  samus42(24)

How long did the Mughal dynasty last?

posted by  worker9272(20)

How hard is it to get Puerto Rico birth records?

posted by  Yimocool(16)

In which states are radar detectors illegal?

posted by  emtrobstu(233)

What are the standard Government tariffs and quotas?

posted by  trashman(31)

How do you change your name on your social security card?

posted by  MiNdTrIp(12)

How can I help with the issue of 3rd world poverty?

posted by  chetana(37)

What is a certified letter?

posted by  cary(111)

What is required to get a Florida driver's license?

posted by  debunker22(80)

Who was the 23rd President of the United States?

posted by  Hugh(18)

What is a communist life like?

posted by  barry82(16)

Could you please explain why we need to vote every time?

posted by  KANNAN0401(43)

What does a Port Authority do?

posted by  drtew(8)

What is the value of a set of U.S. Civil War postage stamps?

posted by  rfd(19)

Who was the French president during WW2?

posted by  joseph40(2)

Can I still buy a 2 cent stamp?

posted by  Sathish(43)

Where do you go to find county public records?

posted by  andyburr(47)

Is there a penny that has a Kennedy face?

posted by  turkergirl(19)

How wide are streets?

posted by  denise52(38)

Do you need to update an address change on a passport?

posted by  Raketemensch(54)

What are some ideas for government employment in CT?

posted by  dmoney6193(54)

What happens to IRS unclaimed money?

posted by  cannabasics(20)

How many stars are on the American flag?

posted by  kmain(103)

When is the next US postage increase?

posted by  tymek4877(40)

What is federalism?

posted by  Kaylene(93)

What Congress was established from the tea tax and act?

posted by  Joe74(69)

What can you tell me about obtaining a small business license?

posted by  JL(10)

Who were the original supporters of the constitution?

posted by  PZ(1206)

What do I do about a freedom of speech violation?

posted by  stephaniecostello(36)

When do Series EE treasury bonds mature?

posted by  Godgirl(7)

Does my green card expires when I turn 18?

posted by  Nick760(1)

How difficult is it to become a U.S. Marshal?

posted by  hellokitty(48)

How do you get a bill passed?

posted by  Michele61(24)

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the CPI?

posted by  jasmce(15)

What is the stance of Dim Mak?

posted by  Chrive18(18)

Why are federal judges appointed for life?

posted by  melanie1134206(2)

Doesn't the government say you can get a free credit report?

posted by  klepto(10)

What is the Equal Employment Opportunity Act?

posted by  discomcdoogal(28)

What percentage of African-Americans vote?

posted by  traceytracey(33)

What does PAGASA stand for?

posted by  Emmanforsure(12)

What are some of the different leadership styles?

posted by  Anita(18)

What are two important recent supreme court decisions?

posted by  bob1234(22)

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