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Question by  cjlimes (26)

Should I take antibiotics for toothaches?


Answer by  YourMoneyAnswerGal (654)

It depends on the source of your toothache. If caused by an abscess, then an antibiotic is needed until the dentist can perform a root canal.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Unless prescribed by your dentist, antibiotics should not be taken for toothaches. Antibiotics will not repair or lessen the damage any tooth decay has already done to the tooth itself. Antibiotics will only kill any systemic or localized infection. Misuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance, meaning that antibiotics that would have previously worked on some infections no longer work.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Yes, if there is a bacterial infection. But no if there is none. The dentist should prescribe a pain kill to take care of the pain. People misuse antibiotics and they think it is a cure-all for all types of aches. Sometimes an over the counter pill works just as well.


Answer by  enu (452)

Yes antibiotics should be given for toothaches. But what is the reason behind the toothache should be considered and treatment should be done accordingly.


Answer by  bo (874)

No, you do not need to take antibiotics for toothaches. You should take antibiotics when you have an infection. You should probably take a simple pain releiver for a toothache.


Answer by  jane51 (287)

you should only taake an antibiotic for a toothache when is is prescribed for you by your own dentist, only a dentist can determine if tooth pain is being caused by a infection- and only then would an antibiotic be needed, over use of antibiotics can decrease their future effectiveness

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