guinea pigs


Question by  Cole (26)

My guinea pig has a growth on his foot, what should I do?


Answer by  Cae (62)

Definitely take him to a veterinarian, they will be able to tell you what's wrong conclusively. If your guinea pig lives in a wire-bottomed cage it could be bumble foot, which is an foot infection. It's very painful and it looks like a swollen foot, and may seem like a growth.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

Take him to a vet - an EXOTICS vet who specialises in rodents, not an ordinary vet - immediately. It might be bumblefoot, another infection or even a tumour, and needs to be treated by a qualified professional ASAP or there could be serious consequences. You might have to start cleaning the cage more often or doing foot soaks.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

Take it to the vet and see if they think you should try and get it removed. It might not be a good idea though.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

Make an appointment with an exotics vet who has experience and training in rodents (not your regular dog/cat vet). Foot growths may be a condition called bumblefoot (caused by small, dirty cages and/or a lack of exercise) or many other dangerous things that require prompt treatment. Even if the growth is benign (unlikely) it's still worth a wellness check.

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