Question by  Lover (2)

My girlfriend and I didn't speak for 2 weeks, because she is not answering her phone. Yesterday she answered, and we spoke only for 6 minutes. Should I call her again?

I have the feeling that she doesn't love me anymore.


Answer by  lilacinsomniac (6)

Yes, you need to speak with her instead of wondering and worrying, and in person if at all possible. Find out if there is a problem and work on it together if you can, or if you're going to part ways, at least you should have some closure for the relationship.


Answer by  foawrestling (17)

It's probably best to give her time and allow her to make the next phone call. I'd say, if you don't hear from her within two weeks, it's over.


Answer by  Ctoney (57)

I would say no. You have to go with your gut feeling and assume the love is gone. She's not considering your feelings here.

Reply by Lover (2):
My gf dont answer my calls,she cant call me,because she dont have credit,what must i do now?call her all the/time?/  add a comment

Answer by  Lover (2)

Dude she cant call me because,she dont have load to call anybody.

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