Question by  slyamy (26)

Is yelling okay in a relationship?


Answer by  Anonymous

If you're angry about something, yell away. Bottling up anger is far worse than expressing it verbally. Physical anger, like hitting or throwing or breaking things, is something else altogether. That is not anger, that is violence. Go ahead & yell as long as you don't mind being yelled at.

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But not at kids! Use "Love and Logic" approach for them. Much better.  add a comment

Answer by  somerset (801)

No, it is not ok. If you are yelling it means you have lost control of yourself. Learn how to speak calmly; be direct but kind.

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Absolutely not true. Yelling is not about losing control, but asserting control. Yelling usually occurs when someone feels frustrated are not being heard. If yelling is occurring, usually someone is not listening. Better listening the first time around would reduce the yelling.  add a comment
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Agree with anonymous below, but no yelling at children, please. They are in a different category from adults.  add a comment

Answer by  crasks (99)

No. When you yell, it means you are really angry and in the heat of anger, you may say things you don't really mean. You may regret what you said in future. Whatever you say that's hurtful will surely hurt your mate and to say sorry may be too late. Yelling means you can't control yourself.


Answer by  Anonymous

"Learn how to speak calmly." While you're at it, learn to not laugh when tickled, ...only eat 2000 calories a day, 10% of your income for retirement, ...not get nervous speaking in public. Some things are really hard to learn, especially when emotion is involved. Yell!


Answer by  Roger44 (115)

In my opinion, yelling at your partner won't solve any problems, and will only make things worse. Try calming down and saying something constructive instead.


Answer by  impulse (35)

Yelling in a relationship should definitely remain the exception. However, depending on the situation it may be necessary to clearly bring a message across and may be helpful.


Answer by  Danie (993)

You should limit the times you get upset with one another in a relationship. Fights are inevitable but you and your partner should do your best to stay calm and work things out.


Answer by  Anonymous

add your own answer here Is crying ok when you are sad Is laughung okay when you think something is funny. Is smiling okay when you are happy. Yelling as an expression of anger is natural. Its not okay to abuse or insult. Express yourself...Yell

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