Question by  val (95)

Is there such a thing as a pantyhose addiction?

I think my boyfriend is addicted to pantyhose?


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I don't think so much addiction as a fetish. Many people have fetishes to many different objects, and it sounds like he is one of them. As long as nobody is getting hurt, I am sure it's harmless.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes, I am an addict. I subscribe to many pantyhose web sites, buy used hose from the models on those sites, and typically only get aroused when my wife is wearing them


Answer by  Fritz (608)

Yes there is such a thing, I had a boyfriend once who was also addicted to pantyhose, there isn't much you can do but accept it and wear some sexy hose and play along with him.


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes. I just divorced my husband because of it. Started out as an innocent fetish, but morphed into a full blown addiction over time. He loved it more than me so I had to go. email me at freeunow atyahoo.if you need to talk. Get out. good luck

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