Question by  JG (39)

Is there such a thing as a 4 move checkmate?


Answer by  jedyandrei (9)

Yes.The moves the player shold do whitout the other player interfere whit the plan e2 to e3; d1 to h5;f1 to c4;checkmate h5 to f7!


Answer by  Flyyn (21)

Yes. There is the fool's mate, which is the fastest way to checkmate in only 2 moves. White pushes his f- and g-pawns, while Black merely needs to bring out his Queen. The most well known four-move mate is the scholar's mate, which involves both the Bishop and the Queen attacking the f7 square.


Answer by  bobstt (33)

Yes! Your 4 moves are this in order: King's pawn forward two spaces, open Bishop moves diagonal 3 spaces in direction that is open, Queen moves diagonal to edge of board in direction that is open. Queen takes opposing pawn in diagonal direction to create check mate. There are many ways for opponent to stop this from happening.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Regarding the question of whether or not there is such a thing as a 4 move checkmate in chess, yes there is. I know this because it was done to me, not once but in three straight games. In each of the games, I made the same openning move and ended up with the same fate.


Answer by  vhs (9)

Yes -- in fact, there are several. Using algebraic notation, one game goes 1.f4 e6 2.g4 Qh4#. This is actually just 2 moves, with four half-moves total.


Answer by  RootBios (11)

Yes, what you're probably thinking of is more often called "Scholar's mate" and it's a common mistake for beginners. The moves for it are: 1. e4 e5 2. Qh5 Nc6 3. Bc4 Nf6 4. Qxf7#

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