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Question by  Ascencion (54)

Is there a version of Pacman with a frog?

My son was talking about a game he played, and I'm trying to get him a .


Answer by  BBBrian (282)

It's called Frogger and it is not quite pac-man. But you guide a Frog across different street levels trying to prevent cars from running him over. The game is fairly old but they have many updated versions for various systems.


Answer by  arcadefan (75)

No, but he might be thinking about frogger, which came out at a similar time and does have a frog in it. There might also be a frog in Pac land but if there was chances are it was just an enemy in the game. My bet is that your son was thinking of Frogger. Hope it helps!


Answer by  aestella (176)

I believe the game is called "Frogger", however it is not exactly like pac-man. This game is more about avoiding cars.

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