Question by  mhms (24)

Is there a point on the western horizon where you see the north celestial pole?


Answer by  Frederico (12)

The North Celestial Pole is a point in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere where all stars can be viewed to rotate around it. This is usually indicated by Polaris, which is very close to the due North position of the Northern Celestial Pole. Because of its Northern position, it is impossible to see from the Western horizon.


Answer by  willard (874)

The north Celestial pole is an imaginary line that goes through the center of the earth along the earth's axis of rotation. It points to the star Polaris, the North Star. If you see Polaris close to the Horizon, then you're observing from near the equator, as Polaris' elevation is the same as your latitude, and you're looking North.

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