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Question by  dangauci (21)

Is the Learner's Manual of black jack cheats helpful?


Answer by  Clambake39 (142)

This manual is potentially useful in a casual setting when playing against friends, but cheating in any card game in a casino is highly inadvisable if you enjoy having kneecaps.


Answer by  BillyBlue (202)

No. There aren't "cheats" to Black Jack. While it's true that it's possible to count cards in Black Jack games, the time and dedication it takes to master card counting hardly qualifies it as a "cheat", as far as being more easy or fool proof than playing normally. Ultimately, gambling is gambling.


Answer by  jiggyboi (23)

honestly it's not as helpful to me as it is with others. all around it's a very good product i just like to use other ways.i like things the hard way

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