Question by  shaunty (8)

Is the IGI game fun?


Answer by  hajir (64)

"I'm Going In" is a pretty old game, but it's also fun. It's not just shoot-em-up, but it also a very good strategy game.


Answer by  dragonX32 (7)

I have never play the game but according to my cousin it's addictive and extremely fun. He says that he likes IGI covert strike. He's a hyper gamer and he plays lots of action and military games and he has usually been right about all the games hes suggested to me.Also,According to the reviews IGI is really good.


Answer by  AJ28 (22)

"Project IGI: I'm Going In", released in 2001, got a score of 7/10 on its IGN game review. The sequel, "IGI: Covert Strike", released in 2003, only got three out of five stars. The games themselves are pretty good first-person shooters. The only complaint I have is that the NPC enemies aren't very intelligent and are therefore easy to kill.


Answer by  nico (38)

This is a quite too general question considering it's more a matter of tastes but if you just want to get some opinions I found it fun considering it's pretty realistic and well made. The bad side is that it's more a simulation than a real game, obviously imho.


Answer by  hms119324 (19)

Project IGI is a really impressive First Person Shooter game. A bit old but is still considered one of the classics. You should try it out and also Project IGI 2 Covert Strike, You will love each moment of it.

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