Question by  anniedionisio (15)

Is the Bose 901 the best stereo speaker system?


Answer by  thetom (38)

The Bose 901 system is a very well-regarded speaker system, and it is certainly one of the best. However, for some purposes there are other speaker systems which could be regarded as better. For example, it does not have exceptional dynamic range or high volume.


Answer by  BobbyLee (29)

It is hard to say whether it si the best but Bose is a top rated company of speaker and radio equipment. It is usually described as the top of the line product for Bose, the legendary model that in 1968 brought the "hi-fi" experience. Since 1968, this model had over 300 enhancements.


Answer by  Afitgirl (21)

Imagine dining at a piano bar, listening to your favorite artist. Now,imagine hearing that same quality sound at home. That's the high fidelity sound of the Bose 901.


Answer by  Vince62 (91)

The Bose 901 is the best stereo speaker system, there are others considerably good but, if your willing to pay, Bose 901 is the way to go.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

The Bose 901 is not the best stero system but it isn't the worst. My husband recently purchased one for my son. I think it's a good quality stero but I personally like sony steros better .But my son absolutley loves the Bose 901 stero he plays it non stop.

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