Question by  mel70 (31)

Is the Allure Bridal salon a good place to go shopping?

Does anyone here have any personal experience with them?


Answer by  mstee83 (11)

Allure Bridal caries many of the essentials for a great experience in your wedding. Each bride has particular taste and wants her wedding a certain way. If you are interested in using Allure for your Bridal needs I suggest looking up their website or calling ahead of time to see if they carry your size/colors you desire.


Answer by  2525252 (717)

I heard it is an okay place to go to. So why not go to them and check it out for yourself. Another thing you won't be able to customize.


Answer by  martine (860)

My sister and i went here to look at dresses for her wedding, most other places we went to let us take pictures of her in the dresses she tried on, this salon how ever did not let us do this. They were afraid people would take pictures and take them somewhere have the dress copied.

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