Question by  Nicole23 (18)

Is soup a negative calorie food?

I know celery and lettuce are.


Answer by  maxwell (289)

Only plain soup broth would be a negative calorie food. Soups calories vary from little calorie value to a loaded calorie value. If you are on a diet, avoid these high calorie soups. Alway look at the label!


Answer by  facet (41)

Unless it is made of nothing but celery and lettuce, soup is not a negative calorie food. Always check the Nutrition Facts label.


Answer by  robilina (10)

Whether or not soup is a negative calorie food depends on the type of soup that you are eating. Obviously cream based soups like clam chowder are chock full of calories while soups containing water and negative or zero calorie ingredients such as celery and various seasonings are not going to have any calories.

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