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Question by  Jessica (25)

Is replacing a serpentine belt something I can do myself?


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

With the right set of tools and some research you can do this yourself. Start by either buying a repair manual or researching on the internet about the process. Typically all you have to do is loosen a tensioner or bracket and slide the old belt off. The new belt is then slid on and tightened to the factory tension.


Answer by  beck (1099)

If you are somewhat mechanically inclined then yes. Although, you might want a second person to help. It usually takes two people, one holds the tensioner, one removes the belt.


Answer by  woody (65)

Go to a local parts storeIE: auto zone and get the replacement belt, go to sears and get a serpentine belt replacement tool, locate the belt tension pulley in the engine compartment and insert the tool. pull and release tension, hold with left hand romove belt with the right, install new belt the same way you removed the old one.


Answer by  James916 (539)

For sure it is. That is an easy thing to do. The only thing that is involved in the job pretty much is loosening the belt. Which all you have to do is put a socket on the pulley and pull either forward or backward, and you can then remove the belt.


Answer by  bb (674)

have a mechanic change the belt. sometimes a bracket has to be removed to replace the belt. also care must be taken not to damage belt.

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