Question by  Chantal (47)

Is Millsberry safe for children?


Answer by  Mslater (197)

it is very safe for children to play millsberry. Not only to they have fun playing it, it is also educational. it teaches children responsibility because they earn money for clothes and things buy playing the games. There for they are learning that you have to do things to get things.


Answer by  k80 (125)

Millsberry is created by General Mills, a family friendly company. The game is very safe to play, with a chat system where you choose preset sayings to say to people, and no personal information can be exchanged. There are also parental control options available.


Answer by  pcguy (307)

Yes, Milsberry is a game with no sexual, violent or otherwise armfull content that could harm the development of children.


Answer by  TheMind (45)

My child uses Millsberry frequently. It has been safe for her so far. Nothing out os the ordianry has happened to her whlie using the game. She seems to think it is alot of fun.

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