Question by  zubiaur (18)

Is it true that the force of gravity on earth is 9.81?


Answer by  mbpiii (66)

the acceleration due to gravity on earth is 9. 81 meters per second per second (written as 9. 81 m/s²). As force is a function of mass * acceleration, the force of gravity varies depending on the object it is acting on. for instance, the force of gravity acting on a three kilogram object would be 29. 43 newtons (9. 81*3. 0=29. 43).


Answer by  florin1666 (42)

It has an approximate value of 9. 81 m/s2, which means that, ignoring air resistance, the speed of an object falling freely near the Earth's surface increases by about 9. 81 metres per second every second. This quantity is informally known as little g (contrasted with G, the gravitational constant, known as big G).

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