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Question by  steffie (42)

Is it selfish to have an abortion?


Answer by  Anonymous

Could you support and love a baby? If not, then it's wrong to have it. Anyways, it's a decision the woman makes and there's not anyone who has the right to judge her.


Answer by  notso (84)

No. It's her body and it's a legal medical procedure.


Answer by  JohnnyUniteUs (174)

Perhaps the real question is "Is it shellfish to have an abortion?" Because a tiny fetus may be no more than a shellfish. If a fetus has a soul, then what is the harm? Would Jesus really send a fetus soul to hell? Then it must deserve to go there.


Answer by  Harry (27)

I think it depends on the circumstance on deciding if it is selfish to have an abortion. If a woman gets pregnant from not using protection or not using the pill, and wants to have an abortion, I feel that is selfish. If she had gotten raped and got pregnant, then that would not be selfish.

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