Question by  Nathan (22)

Is it okay to wear ivory wedding shoes with a white wedding dress?

I don't like white shoes.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

It's perfectly fine to wear ivory coloured shoes on your wedding with your white wedding dress, I am sure nobody will notice it, especially if your wedding dress is a long one. Any shades of white will be all right, and ivory is a shade of white. But make sure that the shoes are just plain ivory.


Answer by  valran (13)

I would never wear ivory shoes with a white wedding gown. One thing to consider is whether the dress is short or long. If it comes all the way to the ground, then it's unlikely that anyone will notice. If it is a short dress, it will definitely show. You should also consider how your want your pictures to look.


Answer by  psppcojeff (113)

It is preferable that one chooses to wear shoes of a color that match her wedding dress. While ivory will not cause a major clash, it is not preferred.


Answer by  TeresaE (381)

Sure it is, with most kinds of dresses people don't see your feet anyway as the skirt covers your feet and ivory is similar to white so it wouldn't matter especially if you're wearing sandals or somethign strappy. Also, on your wedding day no one is going to be looking at your feet!

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