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Question by  Missmelissa (69)

Is it okay to use do it yourself wedding invitations?


Answer by  CCB (67)

Yes, there is even special paper you can purchase to make it look like they were professionally done but saves you a bunch by doing them yourself.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

It's your wedding; it's ok to do it however you want to. Very few people will criticize you for your decisions. This is particularly true if the money you're spending across the board is similar. It may seem odd if you're spending thousands on the venue and use a do-it-yourself invitation; but still, people are unlikely to care.


Answer by  daisygirl (114)

I say of course it is. I made the invitations for my wedding. Everyone loved them and they were unique to us. They also make some now that you just run through the printer at home.


Answer by  decomom (923)

It is completely acceptable to make your invitations, and it adds a personal touch that many guests will appreciate. If you want a professional look, there are many kits available that utilize your home computer but produce invitations, reception cards, and rsvp cards that are indistinguishable from those done professionally.

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