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Question by  apett (20)

Is it normal to experience wisdom teeth pain?


Answer by  smee (18)

Actually our wisdom teeth coming in the age of18 to 25.. If Our wisdom teeth get pain it indicates a major problem. If it is paining better visit a dentist..


Answer by  thomasta1 (61)

It is normal to experience wisdom teeth pain, especially if they are coming in. We don't remember the pain of having our teeth come in for the first time as babies normally, so I imagine that it would be rather painful. It can also be painful if they come in sideways and push against your other teeth.


Answer by  katrescuer (431)

Yes, it is quite normal to experience wisdom tooth pain when you are cutting wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth have already finished cutting through, you might have an abcess.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

When they're coming in, yes. When they are in, No. Just like with a baby, it hurts when you get new teeth. You should feel pain when your wisdom teeth start to poke through your gums. You are probably going to feel some pain for quite some time as it takes months for the teeth to fully come in sometimes.

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