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Question by  asg (11)

Is it legal to keep a pot bellied pig as a pet?


Answer by  Anonymous

For the most part, pot bellied pigs are not allowed in major cities as they fall under the same category as their large farming breed relative. An unfortunate technicality. Make sure to check your city's bylaw's regarding prohibited animals.


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

It is generally legal... there might be a few jurisdictions where it isn't so you should check with your local government. I know someone that had a pot bellied pig for years and the family got incredibly attached to it. Supposedly, they make good pets.


Answer by  Laura14 (51)

It is legal to keep a pot bellied pig as a pet in some communities. However, zoning laws can vary from community to community. Always check your local ordinances before adopting a pig as a pet.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

Yes, perfectly legal. They are not dangerous and can actually act as a guard animal and a helper such as a seeing eye dog does.


Answer by  Caroline (45)

Each town has its own rules about what animals can be kept within city limits, so check your town. If you're in the country though, a pig is perfect!


Answer by  eamuscatuli (80)

Whether you can legally keep a pot bellied pig as a pet will depend on the area you live. It is possible that zoning laws will make it illegal for one to have a pot bellied pig as a pet.

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