guinea pigs


Question by  ramji (20)

Is it common for guinea pigs to get worms?


Answer by  benwro (33)

It is not that common although it does happen. It happens more often with guinea pigs that live outdoors versus indoors. They can get tapeworm, roundworm and pinworm. The worms will be noticeable in the guinea pigs feces and should be taken to the vet if found.


Answer by  lwat80 (300)

No, it is not a common occurrence for guinea pigs to get worms. Make sure his cage is clean and that you are not really seeing maggots. Most parasites for these little pigs involve ring worms (fungus). You may have a very unhealthy guinea pig, or just some feces that has attracted flies.


Answer by  jrod (206)

No, it is not common. If you see worms it is due to the bedding, food or having a dirty cage with fly larvae. If your guinea pig does have worms you may want to take it to a specialized exotics vet because if it's not treated it can lead to serious illness and possibly even be fatal.


Answer by  case (1261)

All animals can get worms to include humans. I would say it is not common for a guinea pig to get worms due to the environment most are kept in. However, if the guinea pig is kept in unsatisfactory conditions or around other guinea pigs that have worms then of course the guinea pig in question will get worms.


Answer by  traumatised (3285)

It is not common at all. If you see worms it is most likely due to the bedding, food or a dirty cage with fly larvae, but you should take your pet to a specialised exotics vet just in case. Symptoms of worms are indicative of other illnesses in cavies that can be dangerous (even fatal) if not treated promptly.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

No. If you notice worms in the cage it could be contaminated food or a very dirty cage that needs to be cleaned more frequently. If you see something that looks like worms on a guinea pig, then take your pet to a qualified exotics vet with rodent experience for an exam.

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