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Question by  hoolan01 (15)

Is it best to use hydrogen peroxide to clean infected wounds?


Answer by  michmich2 (195)

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective at killing germs, but it also kills skin cells. It is better to wash with antibacterial soap and apply an antibiotic cream or ointment.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

I will not say it is best but it won't hurt. I have used it for years when nothing else was available and it certianly helped.


Answer by  Jalex (104)

I read in a recent article that hydrogen peroxide may be too harsh on wounds. The article reccomended cleaning the wound with soap and water then using an over thc ounter wound treatment such as the band-aid brand. I've used this brand before. It is extremely affective and does not sting.


Answer by  dialfoust (220)

Some doctors tell you it is not so that you buy expensive products but, yes it will work fine. The bubbles produced bubble out dirt and infection while adding oxygen.

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