Question by  BiancaBliss (33)

Is George Foreman famous for cooking at all?

How did he become famous for a cooking appliance?


Answer by  Andersen (628)

As an athlete, he was looking for cooking methods that removed fat from food. His namesake grill lets fat from the grilling process easily drip away.


Answer by  skinnybob (248)

The George Foreman Grill became so popular simply because of perfect timing. The grill was manufactured in 1994, the same year that George made a spectacular comeback to boxing at the age of 45. George was living and eating healthy to prepare for his return to the ring and the manufacturer of the grill needed a spokesperson.


Answer by  MARYG (80)

At one time he was a heavyweight champion...But he has many children and he decided on a sideline...He invented the george foreman grill...It's a greasy mess.

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