Question by  CraftyLady4 (30)

Is Fazioli the best grand piano in the world today?

I want a high quality piano.


Answer by  Ultimate (399)

The Fazioli grand piano is by no means a poor choice in piano, however in regards to it being the best piano in the world I would have to disagree the piano will chosen will be different for every musician in regards to Fazioli grand piano's being of high quality this is the case and I can recommend them.


Answer by  walter80 (409)

Fazioli are certainly one of the highest quality pianos money can be. In addition to the quality of the tone, the design is elegant and makes an impressive sight. Its only rival is probably Steinway.


Answer by  helper58 (38)

I would say if you can afford one they have a great room filling tone,very clear and very fast action.I had the pleasure of playing one at a NAMM convention I was in love with everything but the price starting at around a $100,000.They only produce about 110 pianos a year all hand made.So yes they are the best.


Answer by  amala (3)

yes, Fazioli the best grand piano in the world today. piano is the best instrument of the world. it is very useful in the music. All the piano is the best. But the Fazioli the grand piano in the world today. I want it is a high quality piano. I like very much.

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