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Question by  loveulouis (176)

Is Elnett really the best?


Answer by  smariebarbara (21)

Elnett is a trusted brand. The reviews are controversial. One thing is that consumers say it smells horrible. People say they didnt even get to use the product because the smell was too overpowering. But other reviews did not mention the smell and said to have loved the product.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

Elnett is considered the best by some hair dressers, but I haven't been a fan, plus it is hard to get your hands on in the United States. More versions of it are available in Europe than here. The product is okay, but if it was truly the holy grail product, it would cost more than what it does.


Answer by  Breezy (5)

I have never used Elnett hairspray myself. I prefer to used Aquanet. It is inexpensive and is great at holding curls and different styles. As someone who is very interested in hair, I would recommend Aquanet as a good hairspray for those who have trouble with their hair holding any style.


Answer by  jessicat1982 (162)

I personally find Elnett to be very good, it smells fantastic and seams to hold hair exactly where it should be.

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