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Question by  gunit9082 (30)

Is a cavity filling painful?


Answer by  GrahamM (47)

Cavity fillings can be painful depending on how deep the cavitity is. If the cavity is shallow then the novacaine (or other numbing agents dentists use) will usually numb any of the pain. If the cavity is deeper and therefore closer to the root it will be painful.


Answer by  Hassan (68)

yes cavity filling is painful but you can reduce the pain by using some injections through which you can not feel the pain and doctor have much better idea that how can he reduce the pain.


Answer by  Pat (37)

Although some may state that having a cavity filled is painful, I have had four filled and I would describe the process as uncomfortable with some pain, but not painful per se.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Without anesthetic, probably. If the cavity is deep, the nerve is most likely exposed and can be very painful. Once the dentist applies a local anesthetic your jaw won't be bothered.

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