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Question by  lylapainter (2)

In your opinion what are the best Home security products?


Answer by  Dizzy (78)

The two best home security products that you could ever have are a good watch dog and a 12 gauge shotgun.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

if you do get a security camera, make sure it is easily visible - the would--be criminal needs to see your security measures to realize that he is up against someone who takes security seriously, and hopefully, he might skip your home.

Reply by lindsay (111):
It's both true and sad that you don't need security to protect your home as much as simply convince the thief to move on and target another house.  add a comment

Answer by  Rose (6804)

One of the best Home Security products is the ADT home monitoring system, they provide monitoring for fire, burgerly and so much more. Their reaction time is one of the best on the market and they are recognized by many as a great service. It is also believed that larger dogs are a great deterrent.


Answer by  anujgrover (25)

If you don't have home security system, preferably a MACE wireless home security system, you should at least have some home security devices or home security products. That will enable you to do home security surveillance with home security DIY using wireless home security and home security cameras.


Answer by  ThomasKratz (3)

In my opinion the best home security product is a home security system. I feel that it provides the best protection against theft and the best deterrent.


Answer by  John77 (32)

Number 1: Dogs. Even smaller breeds like terriers make enough noise to deter most intruders. Number 2: Good doors and locks. Remember though, any locksmith will tell you that locks only exist to keep honest people honest. Number 3: Shotguns.


Answer by  lylapainter (2)

They are the Magnetic Door / Window Alarm,Window Glass Breakage Alarm, Mace wireless home security system,surveillance video recorder.

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