Question by  elsewhen (627)

If you had enough money, would you build a nuclear fallout shelter?

I realize it is a bit macabre to think about, but this sort of thing requires advance planning!


Answer by  Anonymous

No. Even if you build a nuclear fallout shelter that protected you from a nuclear blast, your family would need to stay in the shelter for many generations, until the radiation gets back to a safe level, so it would probably be easier to just die from the blast.


Answer by  stevet (6)

Radius engineering uk ltd. It is a great misconseption to think you need to stay underground after a neuclear blast, radiation in the air will only last 30 days after that you could come out and you would be safe from fallout only 1. 50 mtrs under the ground..


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes, Although most only think of Nuclear problems that such shelters are good for, think of indirect blasts from super volcanoes, meteorites, and other such "endof the world" scenarios. If made into a proper comfortable home, it would be ideal for everyday living, and great for that"just-in-case"


Answer by  Anonymous

Yes, for sure we build them. what price would you put on safety,your familys safety.


Answer by  lindsay (111)

Honestly, no. I would build a farm. I'd buy up a few lots near my home, take down the homes, drill for a well, fertilize, and start creating something can can produce sustenance in the case that the global infrastructure collapses. Living underground is not living.


Answer by  DD (30)

No, I would not build one. This isn't the 50's Cold War Era anymore. A nuclear attack today would be localized strike, or possibly a dirty bomb. Neither one of these is likely since I don't live in a big city.


Answer by  Ashaan (50)

If it takes an insane amount of money to build a nuclear fallout shelter then perhaps I will not make it even if I had the money. It might be worthwhile to just move to a safer location where there is no danger of being dead by a nuclear bomb.


Answer by  caringguy (40)

If I had enough money, I would probably not build a nuclear fallout shelter. I might build an underground home, if it was cost-efficient, and if that happened to protect me from a nuclear blast, I guess you could call that a fallout shelter.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes I recently had one built,great people their at northwest shelter systems,thanks kevin. I have a full bath room, pecked cealing,just like a house. and what great job on 60 feet of tunnel. great jb thanks sooo much. mike

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