Question by  Bob81 (33)

If I want to move to the US from the UK, what do I do?


Answer by  sharon63 (520)

In order to move to the US from the UK, it is necessary to get either a work visa or a student visa. To get a work visa, it must be proven that you possess certain skills that no one else in the US has, or you must be sponsored by a company. Students need to be enrolled.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

If you want to move to the US to work, you must first obtain a permanent resident visa. You can do this by finding a job and getting a job offer from a US company. You can not work in the US on a tourist or student visa.


Answer by  varex (330)

The first step in moving to US from the UK is reading the US immigration website; next, determine the type of visa you'll need, then find a sponsor.


Answer by  Raman (28)

You have to just get a visa for the US country in order to move from UK. You can have the temporary visa and then get PR after certain years.

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