Question by  Marissa87 (15)

If I broke my leg on someones property are they liable for my injuries?

While walking through my neighbors back yard I stepped in a hole and broke my leg.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

If the neighbor knew of the existence of the hole and you were not forewarned, then they will definitely be liable. However, if they did not know or if you were aware of the hole's existence, then liability will be determined by the courts and your expenses will be paid from their home owner's insurance.


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

This can get complicated. Were you legally on their property or were you trespassing? Was there some neglect on their part that caused the injury or were you at fault? After thinking about these questions, if you still feel they are at fault somehow, contact an attorney.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

It is definitely possible that they could be held liable for your injuries. You would have to sue them and bring the case to court to know definitively.

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