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Question by  gunit9082 (30)

I have extra teeth coming out of the side of my gums. What should I do?


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

I think that you should see a dentist to have them removed. That must hurt to do normal activities like talking and eating. Or, just go to your dentist and see what his opinion is on the matter. It couldn't hurt just to get a professional's opinion on your mouth.


Answer by  kd97 (733)

Crowding of teeth is a problem many people experience. Typically, there are two options-- the first is tooth extraction. Removal of one or two teeth in the back molar area will usually free up space for the extra teeth. The other option is orthodontics, such as braces, which will slowly move the teeth over time.


Answer by  enu (452)

Sometimes extra teeth called supernumerary teeth erupt in the mouth. But if it is coming out of the side of the gums then visit a dentist as this can impinge and cause pain,cheek bite etc.


Answer by  worker7654 (1033)

A dentist will be able to pull the teeth that are extra or coming out of the side of the gums and that is a problem since it can cause other teeth to be pushed out of place and also cause severe kinds of pain if a nerve is hit.

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