Question by  cynthiaisabelle (22)

I have a new tank and my fish are dying, what is wrong?

How do I stop them from dying?


Answer by  aquariummaster (41)

Most fish deaths are due to too much chlorine in the water. When preparing water for you new tank be sure to only use distilled water as it does not contain impurities. The use of a quality water conditioner is also recommended. Check your fish for white spots as that can be a sign of a parasite called "ich."


Answer by  keb3785 (12)

Aquarium fish can die from poor water conditions, and water temperatures. It is best to get a home kit to check levels for PH and also to keep the temperature of the water cool but not cold. You should also make sure that they do not have any diseases which are fatal to fish.


Answer by  TrooperJW (42)

The water in your tank possibly has to much ammonia or ph levels. Purchase a balancer and stress solution at a local pet store thats rids the impurities.


Answer by  Becca61 (78)

Most likely the water in the fish tank has to much ammonia or chlorine. I would recommend buying water test strips and water conditioner at your local pet store.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

If your using city water you need to let it sit a day to rid the chlorine out of the water. This happens by natural exchange with the atmosphere.The other is thermal shock just adding the fish directly from the bag to thew aquarium.Let the bag and fish float in the aquarium till the temperature stabilizes in the bag.


Answer by  tackleshack (140)

Most likely you have a water problem. Add a buffer that will remove the chlorination and heavy metals from your water.

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