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Question by  ajrp (1)

How young is too young to have wisdom teeth extracted?

Is 11 or 12 too young? Why or why not?


Answer by  Bob85 (203)

Wisdom teeth can be extracted if and when they present a problem to the existing permanent teeth structure. For example, if braces need to be placed in a patient's mouth, wisdom teeth may need to be extracted to accommodate space. Normally, wisdom teeth are not an issue at the age of 11 or 12.

posted by Anonymous
my daughter who recently turned 12, has had upper&lower braces for 20mths, now orthodontist wants all 4 wisdon teeth out to make room for 12 year old molars, & i am concerned its too young. Could he not have detected this problem earlier?
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Answer by  tfine (88)

The only person who can definitively answer questions about your personal dental care is your dentist. He or she can tell you what stage of development the wisdom teeth are in and if they are ready to come out. Everyone's body is different, but usually at age 12 wisdom teeth aren't fully developed and ready for extraction.


Answer by  dameiter (6)

Wisdom teeth extraction is easier to deal with when the patient is young. However, 11 or 12 is too young. Wisdom teeth normally don't even come in until the teen years. I would say around 16-17 years of age is the best time to have them removed, if needed.


Answer by  Anonymous

i hope someone can offer a suggestion here, as orthodontists are putting braces on 11 year olds now, thus explaining the suggested need for wisdom teeth extraction to make room for 12 year old molars, I dont know what to do, im going to get a second opinion Help?


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

Widsom teeth should not be in at 12 years old. They do get 12 year old molors so yes it is way too young.


Answer by  daisy26000 (1)

my 14 years old daughter just removed her braces, her orthodontist asked us to remove her 3 wisdom teeth which shows already on the scan. Is 14 too young to remove wisdom tooth?

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