Question by  Orevgv23 (11)

How soon is it safe to drink alcohol after lifting weights?


Answer by  SomethingElse (68)

You should make sure to give your bloodflow time to return to its normal level - probably an hour or so.


Answer by  CP (232)

There is no time period where it is safe or unsafe after lifting weights and consuming alcohol. Actually after working out having a beer is one of the best ways to become hydrated. It wouldnt hurt to start drinking after lifting weights, although if you have nothing in your stomach you feel the alchol a lot faster.

Reply by johndaly (1):
Alcohol dehydrates you at a 4 times faster than it rehydrates you, studies show. DO NOT listen to CP.  add a comment

Answer by  Brett (7986)

You can drink alcohol right after you lift weights. The only concern would be if you are very dehydrated (as drinking will do this to you) so just make sure your water levels are high.


Answer by  Sreekumar (39)

It is nothing to wrong to drink alcohol after lifting weights. But it will release the stress and strain caused during the work. Lifting weights is very stressful job. So after that if we drink the alcohol it will not harm the body but it will release the stress. so we feel comfort.

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