Question by  gamerworld (2)

How much memory can I put in my PSP?

I haven't added any yet.


Answer by  soma451 (13)

The maximum amount of memory you currently can put in your PSP is 32GB. that's the largest capacity Memory Stick Pro Duo available.


Answer by  ThatGuyBrad (13)

The original PSP comes with a 128 mb memory stick, but you can put in up to a 32 gigabyte stick in it.


Answer by  hondafit (43)

You can add up to 32gb to your psp. Memory sticks that are 32gb are very expensive though. It's best to get a 4-8gb, which is plenty for most people.


Answer by  markkicksu (35)

I don't believe you can add memory to your PSP, try calling Sony, I'm sure they will be happy to anwser your question.

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