Question by  stephblake (205)

How many types of diamond ring settings are there?

I wish to know the types of setting to create an engagement ring.


Answer by  case (1261)

There are quite a few settings. Some of the most popular one are Tiffany Solitaire, Three Stone Ring, and Antique Setting. You also can buy a solitaire and get a wrap or an enhancer. You can always let your imagination be the inspiration and have a custom piece made.


Answer by  Alayean (102)

There are 9 different types of individual diamond settings available currently. The first, and most common, is the Prong setting. Similar to the prong setting is the Bar setting. There are also the Bezel and Flush settings, which look similar. Also, you can get the Tension, Channel, Invisible, Pave, or Cluster settings. Combinations of the above are also available.


Answer by  Ranger305 (96)

There are about 10 settings for engagement rings. Prong, bar, bezel, flush, tension, channel, invisible, pave, cluster, and varied, which is using 2 of the settings that i just mentioned and usually is the most expensive.


Answer by  Char2 (13)

There are thousands of variations but the fundamental types are the Bezel; Prong; Channel; Bead and Burnish. The earliest being the Bezel setting. The Prong setting is the least expensive to make and very popular in todays market.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

You might be confusing ring settings with cuts. Settings are usually classic, modern, or cluster. Cuts, the shape of the stone, are round, Asscher, emerald, oval, Marquise, radiant, princess, and heart. Asscher, emerald, and princess are rectangular. Princess is square. Marquise is oval but with pointed ends. Pear is pointed on one end, and oval on the opposite.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

There are many, many types- some of which are designed to make your diamond look bigger or more dramatic. Some focus on traditional or vintage looks, some modern and dynamic. Find a jeweler that will work with you and give you the time and advice to make your setting truly unique and show your stone to it's best advantage.


Answer by  mjlsmith (31)

There are over 10 settings for an engagement ring. These are Prong , Bar , Bezel , Flush , Tension , Channel , Invisible , Pave , Cluster , and Varied. The Varied setting offers two or more of the above settings in one ring.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

Here are the names of ten. Prong, bar, bezel, flush, tension, channel, invisible, pave, cluster and varied. The varied is a combination of 2 different settings. Apparently there are others like 3 stone ring and antique setting. A good jeweler could help you design one.


Answer by  akaflyer (71)

There are five basic categories for engagement rings - solitaire, channel set, shared prong, micropave and three-stone. You can have a wide variety of combinations using these basic categories.

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