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Question by  kherasakshi (124)

How many lotto combinations are there?


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

First add up how many different combinations of numbers there would be with the numbers 1-49 or 52 (depending on your state) without repeating any numbers and the multiply 52 or 49 (depending on your state's highest number) to the number of combinations and that is how many there are.


Answer by  theanswer27 (6)

It depends entirely on the lotto, if there are 5 possible digits, there are far fewer combinations than a lotto with 6 or 7 digits. Example-- 5 digits = 59049 combinations, 6 digits = 531441 combinations, 7 digits = 4782969 combinations (assuming each digit is a single one digit number)


Answer by  strbck (9)

for the mega million there are 5 spaces 1-40 and I guess the combinations are endless. Then you have the Power Ball the same for the Mega million there are a lot


Answer by  Clambake39 (142)

If the lottery has 49 possible numbers that can be drawn and six balls are drawn, then there is a total of 13,983,816 possible combinations that could be drawn from the machine.


Answer by  jiggyboi (23)

honestly I'm not sure but if i had to say I'll say between 9 and 12.i only played it about a few times years ago so I'm not exactly sure.mega pick lotto has 1 and all the others seem to have at least 9 to they're combination's.i pray I'm right

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