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Question by  healthpro (16)

How many calories do you burn on a treadmill?

On average, how many calories per minute?


Answer by  Animal (61)

I weight about 100 Kg, my extimation of calories burn at medium intensity (1 hours sustainable) is 8 or 9 calories for minute.


Answer by  Jim21 (177)

The amount of calories you burn on a treadmill will vary, depending on your pace, weight, and age. You burn about 2 calories per minute.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

This is dependent on the speed and elevation of your treadmill. On average you will burn between 30 and 60 calories per minute.


Answer by  heatherfriend (171)

It depends on several factors: the speed you are going, how much you weigh and the incline setting. So there is really no way to answer this unless you provide this information so that we can give you an exact amount of calories that you will burn. Most treadmills will tell you this information while you use it.

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