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Question by  unmeinohi3543 (137)

How long is a bottle of wine good after I open it?


Answer by  Elizabeth (92)

I don't have much experience with red wine, but I know white wine is only good for drinking a few days after you open it. White wine is good for cooking with up to a couple of weeks after it has been opened. After that it turn to something like vinegar.


Answer by  debichance (160)

There are lots of variables involved: including, the type of wine, age, production method, and so on. However as a general rule, wine can be safely consumed for up the 3 days after it has been opened. if you want to play it safe, just use the 3 day rule. Re-cork and refrigerate the bottle for up to three days.


Answer by  kiwee87 (141)

White wine will not last very long after you open it, unless you like the taste of vinegar. Red wine can be recorked and placed in the refrigerator. To play it safe, don't keep it for more than 3 days.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

You might want to get one of those vacuum tops that suck the air out of an opened bottle of wine and seals it until you are ready to use it again. They can get you a lot more life out of a bottle than a plain cork.


Answer by  Syl (64)

Opened wine has an expiration of approximately 3 days after it was opened. The air gets into the bottle and softens the flavor and aromas of the wine.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

For a red wine if you are able to reseal it with a wine stopper it will be good on average for up to three, maybe four days after you open it. Remember that it is not necessary to refrigerate wine after opening it, especially reds.


Answer by  hakunamatata (31)

That depends on the kind of wine opend and the place you have stored this bottle after openening. Usually white or rose wine is good for up to four days, if he isnt inside a refridgerator. Putting this wine into a refridgerator will get him alive up to a week. Red wine is good for up to five days

Reply by lindsay (111):
Four days? NOT refrigerated? Have you had white wine that was opened four days ago? It tastes like vinegar! If I can't finish the white wine by day two or the red by day three, I throw it away.  add a comment
Reply by GregoryN (1):
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